Landscape wall art

Landscape wall art

Around noon, photo canvas online warm sun dispelled the morning chill, tour bus takes us to the mountains of kanas lake landscape prints on the grasslands of canvas, we sit in the wooden desk, open pastures emits light with wet grass incense, a clear blue sky floating clouds, so fresh I smoked with deeply done being prints on canvas air, for those of us who live in this fog of people is a kind of enjoyment. We freely pounded his bowl chopsticks, laughing, eating big bowl dishes bathed in warm being canvas photos sunshine, enjoying the prairie dining.

Lawn side that many cabin is the figure of tuva village landscape paintings for sale. Tuva is a life in kanas lake river valley, the mysterious and ancient ethnic, genghis khan is in Europe’s army of soldiers, currently only about 2500 people in China.

We walked along a wooden plank road to figure landscape abstract art in the universe – the shia home, meet at the gate of that the wearing a fur vest, he USES the smiling face of the warm welcome of our coming, and I and a picture as a souvenir. We take off their shoes into the figure of wooden house, the house with a beautiful carpet, in the middle of the abstract canvas art being genghis khan’s portrait, hanging on the wall around the bow and arrow, tauren, hanging on the wall with a fork like antlers of a deer head, bearskin, fox…, photos on canvas these may be tuva people proud of trophy hunting, image edge being hung white pictures on canvas. We sat on the carpet, the long wooden table with strong folk characteristics of long wood plate, put inside the figure of a snack and a bowl of wine. Is located in the mountains of tuva people like to drink, it is said that most tuva village being photo on canvas drink off 45 tons a year, two bottles a day and a half per capita, their wine, wine degree is not high with a slightly sweet taste, they hold a glass to respect the old, after everybody to toast, with ring finger to touch a little wine first put on the forehead, a little wine with downward upspring, etiquette, after you raise a glass to drink, these customs and way of hospitality and Mongolian, deserves to be descended from genghis khan Mongolian.

The universe in the shia home, we listened to a special being the abstract canvas art instruments – ‘chor’ playing, chor called ‘Hu Jia it USES local a reed of 3 hole instrument, is only 3 holes but it can blow the note 5 to 6, it online canvas prints’ production and performance is very difficult, can now more skilled play only eight people, the universe, what is the only master “chor” make and play. The universe was rated as the intangible cultural heritage Shia stretched canvas prints’ successor, we listened curiously “chor like sounds of nature.

That the rising and falling of Mongol stringed instrument, and sing and dance, accompanied by music tourists not to leave the seat to join the dance group, all kinds of dance, of laughter, one is wearing diapers art canvas Australia, lovely little girl, raised his chubby hands dancing in the mother’s arms, I put on the figure of dress, then twist, holding up her full-skirted dress in yellow is playing up… Make the figure landscape print the cheerful to the climax. Mr Wanting more, we also put on the dark green robes, holding fox before genghis khan’s like them, I picked up the Mongol stringed instrument and tuva, and opened the yellow dress and Mr Big pendulum to tuva man clothes, don’t forget to pick up Mr Mongol stringed instrument as the play of PS…

Time slip away in the laughter, we attachment to look back at the cabin, the custom canvas prints online dance is still in the background, fluttering chor is still ringing in the ear for a long time, for a long time…

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To celebrate personalised art prints

To celebrate personalised art prints

Today is New Year’s Day in 2016. I think of my primary school in grade one in just will have when thousands of digits in the word book a row the create own canvas print from 1961 until about 2016, it was 55 thousand digits, I was think to write so many four-digit need quite a long time, photo canvas online if want to spend so many years, how far it will be. Although at that time I have a special I good canvas wall art ideal, but I really can’t imagine what will be a future in 2016.

Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat, said today that 2016 to it. When ready to hang wall art canvas urchin has become old urchin. Close to 2015 now to have to give up, the new 2016 uninvited.

I know everyone likes New Year, because at the beginning of New Year, vientiane update, the New Year with new paintings canvas prints, New Year has the new order canvas print online look forward, although should not discard, but everything is always new. At the dawn of a New Year, who will have a new plan, are plotting in the New Year to achieve what kind of new photo printed.

In the New Year, families will have a new harmony. Countries is composed the where can I get you a canvas prints; everybody is made up of small home. The stability of the family is the cell of state and national harmony requires each home happy harmony. Increases with age, canvas prints Marilyn Monroe canvas prints, more and more realized that couples can always linked to the fundamental guarantee of a lifetime of happiness, so to ensure that the harmonious family is to die. A New Year is we’ve been married for 35 years, namely the coral, in the year to cherish that relationship, make life more happy family.

In the New Year, we should have new printing on canvas at home. Yesterday held in bohai university training college staff recreational activities in 2016 New Year’s day, everybody see me easily under 1 minute skip rope more than 100, was surprised. Actually my physical strength is canvas and prints is very superior, former unit TuiGuan do notice the day before yesterday, I decided to use a bike to former unit at noon break time get tickets for the soybean oil to retired workers. I from is located in the southwest corner of jinzhou bohai university after work, go to the east lake winter swimming, go to is located in the northeast corner of jinzhou inkjet canvas former unit, and then go back to school work, distance between 40 miles, I estimate in advance will be late for a while back, the results after riding a bicycle to soybean oil ticket also ahead of the 5 minutes back to bohai university work. New the original canvas art for a year, I should pay attention to exercise more, swimming, dancing over the weekend, every day to go out riding, take time to get to the Internet, to ensure that the physical strength.

In the New Year, relatives and friends are happy to have new urban art canvas. Alone le than the lele, their happiness is not real happiness; only to make all aspects of relatives and friends are happy will have their own happiness. Happy to make friends and relatives must be everywhere for the sake of relatives and friends, not sorrow of the world and, also to the world of joy but joy. Happiness is actually helpful let relatives and friends, always put you in consideration for others, intimacy with my colleagues, not because for any canvas art shop affection between fame and hurt my family and friends.

In the New Year, we should have a new start. Learn pipe work to focus on strengthening class’s and grade’s unity and cohesion, on the one hand, to give full play to the positive role of student cadre, on the other hand should give criticism and patient education for junior students, try to let the students have learned something.

New wall portraits always wanted to have a lot of new harvest a year, but the new harvest must have a new work, to pay the new sweat to irrigate grow a new fruit.

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Clean up photos to canvas Australia easily

Clean up photos to canvas Australia easily

This two nights total canvas wall art online Australia do different nightmare, photo canvas online a nightmare always photos on canvas can’t be calm once in a Sydney disturb my mind for a long time. Why do such a nightmare? The subconscious mind is being canvas online something else touched a nerve of mind which thin? Each after a nightmare I will ask the same question, the same problem always the where to buy wall art the same unanswered. Nightmare wakes up, the feeling that turn over and over again, until wake up alarm clock rang.

Watch a few more days to be over 2015, in the last few days also can have a good sleep at night?

Busy, depression, fear, joy this a few word can describe my 2015, maybe 2015 after most of this a few night, also let me living with the word “nightmare” was able to complete to summarize all the year round.

From YiKai, 2015 years began to busy, life just to get the key to new house decorate, due to the absence of the colleagues in your work, she is do you want me to take over the work is finished. Had nothing to do at the weekend, is becoming more and more busy, not every weekend art on canvas for sale to decorate market investigation to decorate material is artwork on canvas to work overtime in the company. To decorate material market selection, consultation material price, according to the market investigation in bed conception continues to decorate plan, after more than a month of preparation, the official start of the new house decorate in April. During decorating also constantly going back and forth between the residence and bridal chamber, focus on brick paving progress, guide way of laying bricks, elected board wardrobe, supervision, corridor, the sitting room condole top, supervise and urge worker blow be bored with child, brush emulsioni paint, hutch of choose and buy condole top, kitchen, bathroom products, kitchen room door, switch, socket, furniture, lamps and lanterns, wall murals, table have cooperate factory to install, all the work is the need to themselves. Early work, being canvas art prints bidding at most time, during this period, two months in a row of four over the weekend, I have to work overtime in the company making the bid documents. Life is busy, built a capacious and neat place, busy at work, make oneself more into a layer of biding ability.

With busy tired, enrich and harvest, also have depressed. 2015 depressed most usual paintings for sale in decorate bridal chamber, accidents. Dryer installed, workers did not measure control very carefully to stick wall brick at crack; Installation of lamps and lanterns, the effect of the installation workers install lamps and lanterns of fault, leaving two obvious hole on the roof; From the table is not ready to hang prints at first selected a; These things are doing good grief, unhappy and frustrated by on the wall brick of diy can repair are looking less identifiable, more than dozen holes let decorate personnel to make up brush emulsioni paint is beautiful, send the wrong table direct manufacturer for replacement. The most depressing high quality prints to decorate good house after install gas water heater, a plug, switch will automatically jump out. Decorate a company to charge and water heater businesses are, however, decorate company said they change the line there is no problem, the water heater merchants said their products don’t have any quality problem, they mutual shuffle, finally decorate a company to step back and find a so-called professionals to come to repair circuit, said after a survey online prints for sale in the place of ceramic tile of transfer problems, in order to be able to solve the problem of the trip, decorate a company to plan the canvas prints sunshine group pry speak to place of ceramic tile, pry open wall brick repair the biggest problem with multi panel canvas prints cannot one-time determine the location of the transfer place, pry wall brick solution for the trip last fall the empty, wall brick to pry, but canvas tripping, not to solve the problem of transfer in place near the left three places on the wall brick of dazzling. Pry wall brick repair circuit things make me depressed for a few days didn’t sleep well, angry a cowboy and decorate a company to own helpless. The trace of the three patches like burning in my heart three patches, tight with my heart would not have been stretched. Also fortunately I thought and the help of professionals to find the reasons of the tripping, finally solve the trip problem, this makes originally will soon be able to finish decorating go toward a month and a half.

Daughter-in-law pregnant, in the middle of a physical examination report with the results of a test is in critical risk condition, the test results to daughter-in-law a few days and I are talking about the baby’s development small canvas art no is carried out in accordance with the law of normal, with the testing results and the girl was not born when the test results of repeated comparison, at the same time in view of the detection of trauma, we select the pregnancy test so far. But printing wholesale as parents have been hanging heart, can’t completely let go of testing report, other tests are also good follow-up is normal. Carry heart let the two of us, without too much things heart, take care of the negligence of the girl. Girl days of high fever, silly you know two people according to the doctor’s words “viral fever cold need a week to resolve”. To go to a hospital checking again, the girl’s illness development became severe pneumonia with atelectasis, regret, fear, remorse multiple emotional impact with my brain, look at the wife and mother-in-law worry tears, in the concern about the girl I have been deeply remorse. Already considered child fever may not like when I was a kid again after a few repeated will recede, but also buy canvas prints Australia will such consciousness to the forgotten. The effect to be able to let the girl for two weeks in hospital infusion bag or bottle of suffering, I am deeply worry girl parts photos on a canvas of the lungs whether can smooth expansion, if can’t well heal it will bring further hurt the girl. After two weeks of the drug treatment of dropping and a week, obstructed pulmonary bronchial finally after zhang, the girl returned to normal activity, but art on canvas online girl than before seems to be easier to catch a cold, which makes me can’t easily panasonic which taut strings in my heart.

The girl out of the hospital treatment at home during that time, my little son was born. Son for the birth of my little girl was born last happiness and joy, my mind buy wall prints clutter, the mood also being wall art online complex, seems I every day in depressive state of joy, sorrow and joy of the experience let me deeply feel the difficulty of raising children. Taut nerve in my son was born two months, the girl’s resistance increases greatly after no longer frequent colds with a little relaxation. I began to more and more close to the son, and kiss him; he really gives me the joy of the birth of his son.

Nightmare only art and prints baiting sleep traveler, it makes you dream have fond memories of, also have the impact of the heart, forget to a nightmare, of course it is not to stop for a long time in our memory. Make us grow, enrich our busy, melancholy concerns make us further understand their responsibilities, let us appreciate the beauty of life and joy. Life is being experienced by canvas photos to give us the most real life show.

Don’t because the real show differ with the imagination of his life and give up on life sincerely. Easily in the face of life, because life is experienced by art prints being exist in the form of our lives, serious face life, busy, or melancholy, or worry, or joy, to experience life suantiankula, mixed emotions. No matter what our life experience, forget worries, enjoy happiness, time to refresh oneself mood, relax their body and mind, enjoy every day in the life.

2016 we came, for life and for work! Come on! Come on! Come on!

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The combination of wall artwork and life

The combination of wall artwork and life

In acrylic printing creation, if can skillfully use a few small props, often can in high quality photo printing works to create extraordinary special effects, canvas prints and our life, in fact there are a lot of available items, have you found? You can find the use of home can, simple props and fun shooting and effect, take a look at what you are interested in!

Phones, tablets, to make fashion light painting background

This technique, we also have and introduce before, photo canvas online can use the iPhone or the match box APP “SoftBox Pro”, in the background when it comes to shooting objects with light printing onto canvas effect, make things look more stylish. Need to prepare the props in addition to the subject, the iPhone (or device), black curtain, black nappa do bottom board, to produce a reflection.

Glass crystal ball: clap a planet’s main jade effect

If your home have the very similar “crystal ball”, put it as a canvas prints Australia, being the creation of material is also a good choice, can experience see zhou yu being photo canvas effect. COOPH in the film is to take place the crystal ball on the ground, and let you lie on your back in the way of shooting, you can also choose to holding a crystal ball to clap, just hand will her on that. More intentional, can refer to this website to share articles, DIY a “main jade lens” on its own. In filming, may appear AF difficult printing pictures, recommends using manual focus, adjust the images in the crystal ball focus when pressing the shutter.

Lighter gas spray X: manufacturing flame effects

The filming of the risk is higher, as shown in the film, please ma bean hand-held lighters and spray flame, then capture images. In shooting area should choose it is not easy to find more influence or hurt others high quality printing place, in the process of filming proposal preparation simple fire extinguishing tools, for a rainy day.

Color silk stockings: another soft focus effect

The girls’ stockings is absolutely quality photo printing consumables, sometimes just accidentally snagged, may let whole pairs of stockings to submit an expense account. However, can be thought of silk stockings light filters can also be used to do? On the basis of the lens aperture size, put stocking thickness reduction, bag in front of the camera, and with a rubber band be fixed. When shooting, because of the filar socks, may also have AF can’t affect the canvas print art problem, you can use manual focus, moving the focusing ring adjustment of the lens. Try to see them take effect, have a hazy feeling of restoring ancient ways.

Plane mirror: reflective simulate the spotlight

In sunny being canvas art prints the day outside, if encounter building shade, can try to use flat mirror in the place where the light to get the light reflection to the shade building outside wall, can produce the effect of the spotlight. And according to different being online photo printing shooting Angle, your subject with light also can have different taste changes. Although the movie is like being prints Australia, for example, but change the principle of the optical path of reflection, also can use on other topics of filming.

Annular tubes, like the light in the dark

Portraits of the light environment, in addition, the use of flash can also through other sources to fill light. Like in the film being photo prints’ usage, let the only light in the darkness, on average, gently sprinkled on the subject’s face, and circular tubes can also have the similar “photo frame” effect, the reader’s eyes focused on hemp beans on the face. General free photo prints Australia with annular lamp, itself can achieve hemp bean handheld work like in the film, if it is general household annular tubes, however, may need to modify lamp power supply, in order to realize the unplugged lighting, of course not rule out some of the energy-saving lamp tube itself has a built-in power supply picture to canvas design.

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The happy life comes from cheap canvas pictures

The happy life comes from cheap canvas pictures

Lying on the bed every day to remember the day landscape canvas do most can know whether the day away, thinking about the day’s business revenue, students summarize knowledge in that day, the city construction re-count earn how much money a day for families and so on. If not every day, as long as you look back on a regular basis if there is a certain landscape canvas art harvest will feel very full, if think it a little, always unavoidably some chagrin. Happy or upset, it suggests that we are living actively. Happy is one buy being canvas prints harvest beyond their expectations, photo canvas online can try harder next time, upset because no achieve expected earnings, recall will find the problem, in view of the problems, suit the remedy to the case, and tomorrow will be better.

The most afraid of being canvas prints Ireland is those “to win without pride lose with grace”, is the benefit, but it was a time when other people are happy for him, he has a face of don’t care, “I was supposed to get it.” Even if nothing he is not coke dry, big deal to an “I have this life.” Associate with such being photo to canvas people he will use his being canvas art Australia decadent spirit influence to their depression, he will also use their own clean people around an incentive to abandon the passion of life, he will use all rivers run into sea mind melt appealed to others. For those strong canvas prints friend in Australia, it doesn’t matter, canvas prints say, they do their own, but the man of weak will not like me, if don’t want to away from them one day, I will be a face of innocence, no matter what things are a sigh. But it is too late when I found out that, because I also become a part of it.

I have been struggling, but it seems stuck in mud, the deeper the more struggling sink, for a long time I was in a chaotic state, life without passion, do things not aggressive, eyes see what is a grey one. photo canvas prints I later canvas photos’ little cousin sent me a message: the wonderful life from the positive enterprising spirit, positive enterprising spirit from the lofty ideal, implement these from the solid strength of will. I don’t know how she know of my illness, see this information, I really feel ashamed at that time, although I’m a lot larger than her, but I’m being canvas online mental state is different compared with her. Fortunately I somewhat repent after shame, after a period of thinking, I finally find that if you want to life is full of passion to have a blood being canvas pictures online, want to have a heart to have a boiling passion will supports it with strong willpower, or heart enthusiasm will not last long.

In the final analysis is to want to see colours every day to exercise a rock solid art posters will come first. Now I still exercise myself, though not very successful, much better than before, at least emotion has ups and downs, can often look back, you will happy, happy, after get bigger being online printing, is also sad, pondering how to not sad.

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Make your own canvas cool

Make your own canvas cool

The air was filled with the smell of rain, the distance photos on canvas clouds slowly gathering, a heavy rain is coming. Nest will appear in front of the rain, the ground a group of ants sensitive canvas art Brisbane perceive the change of the air, began flocking to move in an orderly way. No panic, no restlessness, only an floral canvas art action, step by step, slowly migrated to another home where no rain.

Strong winds wafted the abstract art will be the tree the bird’s nest, bird’s nest, scattered into the original unrelated grass shoots of a root. I thought the storm after the rout of the bird’s nest, thoroughly crush the mentality of a bird, they may find himself, resentment may abandon. But a few days later, the tree also added a new custom photo of the bird’s nest, although I don’t know when was built.

The yard has a few willows, grandma is idle to no matter what kind of, but it is also a great effort to care for it. Switch flapping, active buy canvas prints online Australia, I and several friends to pick alight, wrapped into various kinds of toys. After we return to absolute being found to pick too much, already did not have the original luster, the willows became a little sad. Haven’t had time to worry about the willow tree, we began to fear being grandma canvas art Australia scold, it is hard to grow the best canvas prints online. But grandma only responded, you these naughty children. Such warmth, touch buy being canvas prints online images in our life, we always encounter the mentality and doing things calmly and actually are filled with wisdom. But we can also meet other conditions:

Such as day and night with great effort to review good buy art canvas online course, but found in an exam “will wall art prints canvas didn’t test, the test of not” this kind of situation; Such as the heart of old friends, but because of the wicked slander and turned their misunderstandings, is helpless; After wash and dress like morning just near the door, suddenly to a downpour let myself off guard; Such as want to calm down and rest buy usual prints online Australia, on the edge of the people dance and make; Such as…

At the time, ask yourself is cool to laugh it off? Or the opposite will blow? Provocation, attitude change, often make XiaoShiHua big, not only useless, what may also do not have any benefits others. We only have to face calmly and douse the anger in the heart, can see right and wrong. As we all know life is a race, but a few people know the race is a marathon? Gain and loss, win or lose is the abstract art on canvas temporarily, why struggle with a temporary results? Leisurely, indifferently to heart, is the great wisdom of life.

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Fall in love with the photo wrapped canvas

Fall in love with the photo wrapped canvas

The Caribbean is the back garden of the North America, it is very easy to come here to leave how long don’t fly away. Cruises, several years ago, in a few ports, Cozumel with Mexico, Jamaica where one, there is a small island now can’t remember where. The impression was wrapped canvas art is eager to do business, selling all kinds of goods means to let a person has been a bit under the weather. Because at the time just stay on for a few hours, have the impression that natural affection for nothing in Jamaica, so after this many years haven’t been to a second time.

Choose to choose to go this year, Christmas wife booked holiday village of Jamaica. First heard in Jamaica, I also ate a surprised, how do here? Original holiday is not long, if the service is not good, not to find their own uncomfortable? But have a good, money is made, and what I can do?

This is a week’s vacation, because the ticket booking a day earlier, first in Montego Bay a small local hotel near the airport one night, the second day goes to the holiday village. Only this night, thanks to be done to wedding photo canvas have some real understanding. Montego Bay, Jamaica is very big city, the airport is in the heart of the city. Off the plane after were, to see my photo to canvas seems to be very relaxed, not the kind of uncomfortable feeling. Don’t like Vancouver airport customs, Montreal airport customs people, everyone look at your eyes as if you are a thief, with a face, with a mouth, carefully ask what you bought, what do you do, where, what to do, and so on, from you I can’t find a prick, his life can’t live like this! If you smile, it is no use, they are still a face, to interrogate you a few more words! Now more wide of the mark, such as what the place was equipped with a police dog, around you smell, check cash, drugs, check not to declare a chicken, the duck, what if you accidentally took a little bit of meat were caught, that’s a really too have satisfaction, until you handed in your fine, the boss look just to relax a little! I don’t know what these guys live to what!

In Jamaica, also make you relax. Even every customs officers at the airport, see you are a brilliant laugh, happy to say hello: “Welcome to Jamaica!” No wonder the whole aircraft American tourists all the year round in Canada.

Printing on the enthusiasm of the canvas is you have to adapt to the habit. People in the street, I see you, my eyes focused look, expression did not change, at this time, if you don’t know, just think they are really rude to scary, especially in China, such a place to stay for a long time people in Canada, this straight focused eyes have a special feeling the heat, in the beginning I quickly turned away in glasses, speed up the pace. Think carefully later, the eyes and didn’t have any malicious, really like a child look at your eyes, just usual canvas is dark skin, facial expression is not obvious at first, stare big eyes be intimidating. Then walked on the road, everyone is so, avoid also avoid does not open, just hug with a smile, wave, say hello. This really opened the photo gifts enthusiasm. The facial expression immediately, they are happy with the smile like sunshine, waved and say hello to you at the same time, passionate guy ran will hold up his fist and gently touch your fist, greetings to you, “Hey, what up, bro!”

We compare the habits of the holiday is around yourself, follow one’s inclinations, walk to which is which. Gisele printers uniquely, see that you are new here, will introduce you to the local where is the fun and give you directions, take your walk, Montego Bay car a lot during the day, the edge of the coastal road is very narrow, the car one by one, is quite difficult to cross the road. Kebab vendors on the street to see us with two kids, go now to the middle of the road, stopped traffic, let’s cross the road. On Sunday morning, good quality picture prints have been to the beach to swim, play football. Young and old, a group of people in the sunshine, happy running, sweat streamed down the dark and shiny skin. Although there is a lot of garbage beach edge, but you can see the beach canvas prints’ happiness, enjoy everything in life, in the long river of time to do your own master.

In the morning to eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant, look carefully at the local canvas printing Sydney, they really very gentleness, walking slowly, soft-spoken, eyes with a smile, every step road, each said a word, is in enjoy life, though this delay time is inevitable, begin breakfast at seven o ‘clock, 9:30 to ready, you will feel nothing, enjoy the decoration of the restaurant, take a book to read on a few words, was found in the sunshine in the morning a stay, visitors from all over the world to take a look at a restaurant, a look that endless Caribbean, time is too easy.

Land transportation hub in Montego Bay airport while waiting for the hotel to meet us, more feels the sweet of wall art au. Are too many people here, just arrived here, you will be dizzy, many taxi drivers in USES, see our hotel reservation list, very enthusiastic immediately led us to the center of the land of the gate, two Jamaican woman stood there, be happy to look at our list, call a person in, gave a few words, the man went in again, I don’t know how long to wait, immediately ask the lady, she could see that I’m a bit worried, comfort me immediately, “Right now.” Her accent is very heavy, very interesting, I can’t help but learn to her accent said “Right now.” Accent is too funny, next to her and staff laughs my head off. I’m glad to and their trick-or-treaters, taking down a joyous time at this moment.

To meet our driver is very enthusiastic, in order to let’s hurry up to, he actually sprint along the way, in only a speeding on the highway, all the way also constantly reminds us, do not stop to buy some skin cream what commodities, because the hotel will be more expensive. One and a half hour, he arrived an hour. I fear, afraid to crash. Look at the drivers beep twice to him, on both sides of the road angry stare eyes, like a helpless shook his head, he didn’t care, really like a little child. Halfway stop to rest, the local food is delicious, Fried small cakes, curry chicken, Fried fish, although not hungry, also can’t help but to eat a little bit, to drink fresh coconut milk, another cup of beer, in the tropical rainforest climate, the official start of the holiday!

Hotel in Ocho Rio city center, in the modern canvas art more beautiful and warm and happy! Dining room, everyone is happy to bring you a seat, take wine, and water, a drink; Bars, as long as you a look, immediately smiled to ask it to you? The streets in the town many people, many cars, but everybody happily, shining with innocent eyes. Tour guide to take us to activities is the local people, fat, and introduce the local amorous feelings, Jamaica and told us that oil painting character is happy, said, pointing to the side of the road, this is the church, brewery, is on the side in Jamaica, no problem! To Knoko falls park, local fat guide introduce all kinds of beautiful plants, rare animals, pointing to the bamboo said, this is China and India, is useful in Jamaica, can build a house, shipbuilding, his most like to use bamboo cup to drink beer, can hold a lot of! Down a few days, I feel not to drink a little wine also affected are unreliable, go to the lobby bar to sit down and happily say what I want to be careful. The girls at the bar a listen to very happy, immediately asked what to drink. I’m happy to say a glass of water, they all laughed!

Because of it is Christmas, a local singers to sing every day in the hotel lobby, the level is high, he is singing with true feelings, you hear this song, don’t stop is impossible. Photos printed on canvas good, happy to hear the rhythm of music, the dance can immediately, and all the men and women dance like nobody bone, I follow, how all don’t like to learn. When you dance, they are all full engagement, really like a group of happy children. Dolphins in the resort have a protection base, with dolphins, sharks. Took us to introduce the dolphins and dolphins swimming guys, you can tell they really put the dolphin, the shark as his brothers and sisters, also after a swim and each and every one said to protect the environment, so that the dolphins are affected. Don’t buy a shark eating shark fin, bones do arts and crafts, because shark is on the verge of extinction. They said these words, you can see come out is not a step-by-step, scripted, but from the heart. Walked with rafting on the river wall art online ‘ingenuity, do handicrafts are very beautiful. With our horse riding swimming in the sea wall art printing, walk while sing, sing to happy, pick a flower to you.

In such a happy atmosphere, swimming in the sea, walking on the beach, your mood is getting better and better, people more and happier, appetite also will be better and better. To conveniently plug in the luggage before his word, going to lay on the beach look at this, here only to find that, in such a happy Jamaica, did not see “he word” emotional foundation, in the joy of singing and dancing, how can “alone back went on building”? Jamaica, you don’t want to go to the. You come; you will fall in love with innocent and lovely Sydney printing!

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