How to use a mobile phone to take a good picture

How to use a mobile phone to take a good picture

Don’t rush to press the shutter! Photos take well, first million cannot be urgent! Suggest you don’t open a camera casually shoot! Please do not hurry, first confirm if your composition contains interesting scenery? Whether there is a focus on angle how to change will look better? Light and shade to how adjustment will be more vivid. Finally, please to the other person’s point of view to think about, saw this piece of photo, first thing that catches the eye will is what. In fact, these are the very basic motion photography, but many people using a mobile phone camera won’t be these skills actually application, really a pity.
Learn the basic rules of composition. You take out the finished product has a high chance of not is good works. Therefore composition is very important! For example, if when shooting landscapes, you will skyline in the middle of the whole picture, the whole screen will become very uncoordinated, watching people also do not know the focus of the whole graph.
If you think that the composition is very difficult, and then you can learn the most basic rules. The screen is divided into three equal parts, will be the main shoot position placed in the whole picture of one or three ratio, can create a greater visual tension, make the picture more balance and coordination, but also to avoid placed in the center of the screen that inflexible feeling. For example, today you want to focus on the air, it can retain much proportion, let the sky screen representing the two thirds, landscape accounted for picture one thirds. Master the composition rules, absolutely let your picture of thoroughly remould oneself, let a person can’t help surprised with mobile phone also can take such a beautiful picture!
There is no optical zoom do? You can come closer! On the phone camera is the most common problem, that is, there is no optical zoom function. This is why many mobile phones after the digital zoom, there may be distortion and noise conditions. Digital zoom is will be amplified region, so will make particle image or picture becomes coarse, fuzzy variable. This situation and how to avoid it?
Do not use flash! Cell phone use flash, it is easy to originally beautiful picture becomes not beautiful, but also create strange shadows, and even affect the photo color or reflective. It is suggested that unless necessary, try not to use flash. Photograph try to find can take advantage of the location of the natural light; if you have to use a flash, the proposal also can purchase a small soft mask, let the photos is flash effect decreased.
Use a variety of camera App. Generally speaking, the phone’s built-in camera App is pretty good, basically not too disappointing. However, if you want to take better pictures, it can search outwards third-party camera App. The app is usually more set for manual adjustment, let you in a variety of environments can easily shoot. Such as camera, manual, ProCamera, camera zoom FX and camera 360 is the quite good choice.
Open HDR mode! But please don’t use it excessively! HDR mode is camera automatic balance screen brightness mechanism, is also shot a few photos with different exposure, then the composition of a finished product, your photos will not be too dark, or excessive exposure. However, HDR is not a panacea, if in fast motion scenes using HDR photography, image will overlap, “Avatar” or “ghost”.
In addition, under the condition of low light is not suitable for HDR. Opened to the iPhone, if under low light environment you want to flash to light, open HDR will make flash automatically shut down. In high contrast scenes, such as shadow, reflection, the turn off HDR, opening the HDR will only make contrast reduction, lose the desired effect. Finally, when to shoot the scene or object color already quite bright opening HDR will cause a decrease in saturation.

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How to shoot “the moon” one of the most common night theme

How to shoot “the moon” one of the most common night theme

Teach you how to shoot one of the most common subjects – the moon night scene, clap an amazing feeling. If you’re in the city, the light pollution, it’s hard to meet the starry night, why not shoot the moon the most visible in the night sky? To shoot a moon in the clear, the first thing to do is to choose the appropriate equipment, and try to prevent camera shake.

(1)ensure stability
Want to shoot a beautiful moon and rich details, the focal length of the lens must be long, but in this way the fuselage jitter will bring significant impact on image quality. In order to solve this problem, can raise the sensitivity setting appropriate to increase the shutter speed, and at the same time open the camera reflector up function, and select a sturdy tripod. When the moon just rises, select the appropriate Angle and telephoto lens, you can take out the “large” the moon effect which cannot see by the naked eye.

(2)Identify opportunity
When the moon in the sky at the top of the relatively easier to make it clear, atmospheric disturbance at this time of the moon for the detail performance influence is much smaller, especially suitable to shoot the moon at this time. But if you want to take a picture of the content more rich, while it’s best just raises the moon and the ground scenery together. This is the moon is big, and the prospect of echo can make pictures become more fun. Ground lamplight ornament can enrich the picture color, with light as the prospect of the moon as the ornament picture compositions also good. Photographing the moon after the material, the use of the late combine them in a photo, make the image more interesting!

Digital creative late without help! You also use multiple shots, record the moon rises and falls in stages, the process of synthesis of them together. Or record the moon in the state of the different time, put them together in a photograph, such as the eclipse is a very good example! Below is in eclipse, we took the color change of the moon, and then to show them in the same picture.

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How to get beautiful night scene photography

How to get beautiful night scene photography

The rise of new construction and completion of each city’s central business district will make the urban landscape of the new century, with different architectural illumination, a totally different from the day the night of the world will appear in front of city people. Climb building overlook is just a way of viewing shooting, most of the time it is too limited to look to the distance, and this time we bring a whole new image of view taken at night. This picture may through PS process are familiar, but to really taken out need a solid basis of photography and full of courage.

(1)wide Angle must be bigger
Special subject matter of the lens is often very demanding, photo canvas online overlooking the effect for making such 180 degrees, all think of a lot of photographer before shooting, as long as standing high enough to use a 35 mm or 50 mm lens can meet the demand of shooting, but when you stand in the upstairs looking down, not found medium lens. Then you need to use the wide Angle lens 16-35 mm or ultra wide Angle lens. So more tension, the effect of the lens out a sense of shock, perspective is wide may include more of the objects. A high sense of good quality SLR camera is also a prerequisite. To use my hands equipment is Canon EOS 5 d MARK III. Shooting time circle to the bigger the better, the f is the ideal setting. Iso setting for ISO1600-3200 or concrete numerical set according to the light sensitivity. In addition, in setting the camera’s long exposure to high noise reduction function, so that it can be under high iso shooting through machine processing to get better film quality.

(2)the window will open 20 cm is enough
Shoot first need to choose floor in height, in order to get a better perspective, suggestion is approximately 40 layer location, specific layers according to the surrounding the flourishing degree and decide, if turn on the light has a very large area, suggests climb higher shoot down again. Will be confronted with a problem, a lot of people in the shooting is the window cannot open, this on many tall buildings have such design, in order to danger, 20 cm distance out of the window only foreign, but it is only 20 cm distance can be out of the window to let the SLR cameras. When shooting to push the window to the outside, will automatically get stuck, hands can directly to send the camera out of the window. Once out of the window, of course, be sure to take the camera around your hand, don’t let the camera to fall. Push the window to the outside to the limit, the window will automatically place, then it can be left free, both hands hold the camera and taken out of the window.

(3)live view is the most important
When viewing the most important when shooting, can use live view on composition. After the adjustment switch to af mode, press the shutter to complete filming. Composition should follow symmetrical composition method, is well planned and are reflective glass. But somehow all try to look at, to choose the best composition. To shoot the night scenery of the city in which he lived, we should observe the scenery around, looking for some typical features of building, if you can consider more in high, pay attention to the weather and shooting time, familiar with equipment of ace. Open the live view of the camera can directly see the first environment, composition of a picture can’t sit in too pay attention to keep the basic level, but must be clear on focus.

The late processing: simple color adjustment:

1, adjust the picture is horizontal
In the pictures will be imported into Light room simply adjustments, the first is in the heart of the monitor works changed to horizontal composition, pay attention to the center of the picture is symmetrical, need time to make the necessary cutting.

2, increase work color atmosphere
Strengthen the picture color saturation, brightness, brightness enhancement. Brighten the dark details and exposure… Brighten the dark parts of the details and visibility. It is important to note with automatic white balance after can adjust the blue color temperature in Light room.

3, simple curve to adjust light and shade
After adjust integral colour, canvas prints might as well in the drop-down menu on the right side to adjust the whole picture curve, night work, the light and shade can be make further adjustments. So that you can avoid part highlights overexposed.

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How to shoot a nice graduation photo

How to shoot a nice graduation photo

The river of time like sea, photo canvas online finally we go apart. To phoenix bloom again when the annual graduation season, is also a great god you photography with strong creativity and originality, every year there are plenty of other class graduation, at such times, technology is not the most important, the most important thing is ideas and creativity, today we invited a photographer with his strong ability to take to show you a tall fashion shoot Rocks of graduation, hope you can also look for inspiration.

(1) To make good use of silhouette
Silhouette and body movements to obvious enough, legs, arms and body separation significantly, canvas prints otherwise he would have become a black. You can pay attention to the difference between the two, I have carefully to sort out the different of the two, to find fault with.

(2) The big environment and small subject
I especially like this style, you can often find the shadow in my work. Taken the picture, the camera from character is really a bit far, is this ladder.

(3) Make use of the light source
The coming of the night will affect choosing lamps and lanterns of the pictures, but can make use of the resources of the surrounding ambient light, like a light. Pulled up behind the characters, sit in the middle of the two classmates is responsible for the two lights event, a contour light, on both sides of the one everyone can play to the outline of the face of the light.

(4) A good composition
Composition is the foundation of the language of photography, the composition is very important to the stand or fall of photos. This is in our school library, two floors of the glass and armrest form a v-shaped symmetrical composition.

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Mobile phone background virtual skills

Mobile phone background virtual skills

Many novices might think shoot hazy aesthetic background blur effect is a person will photography, photo canvas online and even feel bokeh thanks to high-end camera, non SLR. Actually not however, even a novice photographer as long as the master the method, shoot the background blur effect is not difficult, even a small amount of card machine or a mobile phone can take a good virtual effect. Today’s novice to learn photography is a good time to talk about, how to use the phone card machine or shoot background blur effect.

Novices if slightly know some photography related name, canvas prints sydney mentioned background blur when will think of the “big aperture”, SLR camera through adjust the aperture value size, you can easily create virtual background of shallow depth of field effects. About previously due to the limitations of technology, the general card machine with the aperture performance is not ideal, the general can only achieve f3.5, card machine the poor performance of the stereotype is deeply rooted in everyone’s opinion. Actually otherwise, now a lot of card machine even mobile phones can adjust the aperture size, large aperture is no longer SLR exclusive, small card or phone can also through large aperture shoot bokeh effect.

In addition to the aperture change, you can also through the focal length to achieve growth bokeh effect in SLR, is longer more camera can shoot virtual effect. The card machine and mobile phone lens itself due to size limitations cannot be “long”, but I have an optical zoom function through the card machine and mobile phone with to change the focal length of the zoom magnification, more virtual effect is more obvious. With the change of focal length, bokeh degree will change. It is worth noting that, in addition to optical zoom, some cards and mobile phone can also with digital to further increase the zoom range, but the quality also increases with digital zoom magnification decreased. At the same time in either the zoom mode, the camera aperture value may change although the focal length, so the distance according to the actual zoom Circumstances to adjust.

When it comes to the relationship between distance and bokeh, that is, the closer as possible! In conformity with the lens has recently focusing distance, the condition. We want to get as close as possible to the object to be shot, at the same time, coupled with on the phone card machine or macro function can more easily shoot background virtual photo effect is obvious. But the function in shooting portrait on the feasibility is not very big, but the shooting of small objects, such as flowers, toys category, and the effect will be very obvious.

Above is three kind of the card machine or mobile phone will be able to take a good way to bokeh, canvas prints namely the use of large aperture, zoom and macro to achieve, and these functions are general card machine and mobile phone common built-in function, have the phone card machine or novices can easily fun. What are you waiting for?? Go and try it!

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How to make creative graduation group photo

How to make creative graduation group photo

Went to the graduation season, photo canvas online campus’ meat are “have mobilized in time before parting group photo shoot. As future memories and friends feelings real evidence, kill the important evidence, collective photo always have a special meaning. But the two or three people photo is easy to shoot, the number of big photo one more, the character’s stance will become a big problem. To height or size only, but also to ensure that each person’s face can be seen, how can you stand the interesting not inflexible, today will be to teach you some moves.

No.1 interesting a line shape.

Skills essentials: when you do line shape, canvas prints sydney guides everybody make fun action unity; Or the person next to interactive communication, make the picture appear lively, this method is suitable for young people. In general, line stance will appear a little zombie. To let the picture, we need to find their own interest points, one of the most easy to do is do nifty and unified, of course you can and the person next to shoulder interaction, gestures and so on.

No.2 standing in a single slash shape

Skills essentials: people taking diagonal stance and mutually looked ahead not shade; Photographer USES the diagonal composition makes images have extended feeling. “One word” station method sometimes seem to be too formal, if take pictures of places have just railing or taking diagonal lines, conveniently trust or stand along the route, we only need you can clap a orderly and interesting snapshot. The main points of the shooting method is to find the right slash reference, because the slash has folded and extended the picture effect, this stance in addition to being able to accommodate more people, also make the space appears less crowded. When the photographer’s job is easy, he just need to guide all people can do simple actions or expression, and slightly adjust the relationship between characters, don’t let the next position in next to the man’s face.

No.3 arc

Tips essentials: near the far smaller by the rules of perspective, the station followed by height or symmetrical line, a small child near the lens, tall in little farther than the lens, the whole is an arc. In addition to the arc can also be more people outside the station, but also because near the far smaller, a little in front, and narrowed the gap between the tall height, make the picture more harmonious; In addition, such stations also create around King effect, flat picture becomes more structured.

graduation group photo

No.4 Multi-rows

Tips essentials: In general with three rows is preferred (without using the terrain or ladder, etc.), according to the height is divided into sitting position, crouch and standing postures, front row fill-in looked at the camera. Rows of stations belonging to the conventional method of the station, generally applies to more than 10 people in a group photo, photographer guide you to do a relatively uniform action, look at the best shots together; do not close between the front and rear, a little aside half shoulder gap between each other to be inserted empty, stand face to avoid being before.

No.5 v-shaped

Skills essentials: everyone toward the lens, in the middle as the center, layered backward outspread; Center of appropriate expressive or find a small people. “V” position mode suitable for no more than 10 clique, it can ensure that everyone will not be blocked; Screen center is suitable for low, can find a person to serve as a small, arrange some dramatic action, of course, also can make the picture more interesting; If the elevation Angle shooting, the picture will have tension effect.

No.6 taking overhead polymerization into a point

Skills essentials: photographer on high Angle, to stand tall in the peripheral, everyone gathered to the lens. If there is a ladder in taken place or building to let the photographer to stand, you can choose the taking the way of performance snapshot, this method can accommodate more people, because of focus on performance is the face, have more affinity and lens, we can unite to do the same emotional expression. Also stand close to each other, pay attention to adjust the height order, avoid individuals obscured.

No.7 using ladder.

Tips essentials: leave with sufficient space front and rear, insert space station, the action is relatively uniform, and we have a variety of graduation photo since childhood, for group photo with more than twenty people, in order not to block the face, we preferably by means of using ladder to complete. Press into a tall order 2-4 small teams, the middle row center-focus people’s eyes, to open a small aperture and high-speed continuous shooting. If the more number of rows, the more you want to narrow the aperture, usually F5.6-F11 safer.

No.8 relying on the terrain

Skills main point: the aim is also to not keep out everyone’s face, usually with a slope of empty Spaces, or the stairs. Photographers choose a location, want to know the photographer like style, and don’t hesitate to shoot if acceptable method then can think more, with the help of unique terrain creative group. Like a big photo shooting method above stairs let people find everything new and fresh, both see everyone’s face, also make the picture rich move feeling, have a sense of space design.

No.9 taking overhead with word shape

Skills essentials: everyone in advance the position of the fixed point and communication, to ensure that the formal production began to listen to instructions quickly rally team. Pendulum glyph group shooting method is developed with the rise of small unmanned aircraft, its difficulty lies in the early stage of the communication, to make everyone understand their position and movement, such ability when filming in formal more smoothly. Due to set the font of the shooting method is not able to see everyone’s face, and emphasized the overall and the team concept, so more suitable for the class and grade body, of course, if the number is not too much, do not use the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a vantage point to shoot is feasible

No.10 aerial photo + later hand-painted

Skills essentials: early take careful planning and communication, want to have a strong art and late language. Aerial and hand-painted group shooting method of threshold is higher, not only need to manipulate small unmanned aircraft, need more creative thinking, the method that USES hand-drawn or later footage for unconstrained style art processing, make it have stronger integrity and interesting. Conclusion: group photos, photographers need strong ability of overall control, to systematically arranged within the specified time everybody’s position, in addition to the need to communicate with my homework ahead of time, more attention should be paid to be taken when the early good measuring parameters, fast malicious must to press the shutter, because for a long time, the best light and tide wait for no man, canvas prints who was made will be impatient, so you need to race against time.

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How to take advantage of the window to get classic black and white portrait shoot

How to take advantage of the window to get classic black and white portrait shoot

You do not need a professional studio to shoot portraits. As long as make good use of natural light, photo canvas online you can shoot great pictures, the most critical! – Natural light is free only additional equipment you may need is a mirror, reflecting some auxiliary to help you eliminate light shadows. If there is no mirror, then white paper jams can also play a similar effect.

Side light shooting

Ask your model to stand facing the window, then the soft light would naturally hit him in the face, adjust the angle of the model, canvas prints to grasp the shadow area, you can outline the contours of the nose. You can use the aperture priority mode, a large aperture and sensitivity f / 4 around 400, will be able to shoot good pictures. This time the people behind plus a reflector, shadows will be able to figure lighting to reduce light ratio of the screen.

How to take advantage of the window to get classic black and white portrait shoot

Side backlight shooting

You can use window light shoot different portraits shapes. Try to make the model stand in front of the window, his back to the window. Recycling reflectors illuminate the model’s face. At this time of the shooting model’s face and the background is likely to be overexposed, so a simple high-profile shooting effect. In addition, ask them to head to the side, so that you can be in stark contrast with the background to produce the outline of a distinctive character.

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Personalized printing is good value

Personalized printing is good value

“Hello” is a word from the father often said to me, since I can remember the words, said he has been for more than 30 years. Because the job is busy, there was a time didn’t go to see my father. A few days ago, he decided to go home to visit his father. Such as car, bus, transfer, and all the way, is already dusk when I get home, far away, saw his father bent in front of the door canvas on canvas vegetable field work. Across the far away will shout: “dad! I’m home!” Father looked up, hesitate to see me, I have came to his feet. “Dad, are you okay?” I asked my father. “I’m ok, fine, how are you, in a break.” Through the fence, I silently stare at his father. His father’s face more wrinkles; hair is sparser, become older. Photos at the moment to canvas Australia this person, or that a strong father?!

Primary school, one day in the evening the rain cats and dogs. Rainwater collected a stream at the school gate. My father received, after taking it from my shoulder bag, hung on his neck, and rolled up his trousers, carry I drip water over the “river”. After back home, I just found out that his father’s foot was scratched. My heart said: “dad, your feet bleeding.” Father with wiped, said: “I’m fine, how are you good!”. The university entrance exam eve, I need to stay up late to review into the early hours, because was too sleepy fell asleep. Wake up wall art printing, don’t know when to more on a dress. Not far from the dark, my father was smoking a cigarette. “I see you fall asleep, afraid you catch a cold. Have an exam tomorrow; you still go to bed early!” Originally, father hasn’t been sleeping, he has been in silence and looked at me, and he didn’t sleep to wait me to sleep. I said: “dad, thank you!” the father said: “thank what, how are you good!”.

In June 2008, I was involved in chuan earthquake disaster relief volunteer service injuries in hospital. During hospitalization, father always accompany in my side, to take care of me, hospitalization, father every day do many me unbearable without complain. When saw him gaunt personalized photo canvas, I will remind him to rest, but he always says, “I’m okay, don’t worry about me, how are you.” Now, I have recovered and back to work. Due to the working place is far away from my parent’s home, before each visit with parents, to the unit, my father always takes me to the station, he didn’t leave, after the car is moving. Chat with him on the road, asked home usual canvas wall art, he always said: “it is good to work hard, don’t miss home, how you are.”

His father was a veteran, gathers after have been engaged in hydropower construction work. Over the years, the father not only has been concerned about, love me, also taught me many things. From him, I learned to diligence, frugality, strength, tolerance, modest. These qualities is the wealth of the lifetime pass in my opinion, it is because of this, I was able to obtain national and provincial, municipal pictures to canvas many honors. This weekend is father’s day. Because the job is busy, can’t go home to visit his father, the in the mind is full of regret. Think of my father often says to me that sentence “hello”, think of father has done for me over the years, in the heart is full of moving. I want to say to his father, “Daddy, I love you forever! We are getting better and better!

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I have not yet begun to end fine art printing

I have not yet begun to end fine art printing

High school, we are busy learning, in order to ideal abstract canvas university, photo canvas online had to leave love quietly aside. Finally you successfully admitted to the key, and the teachers had high hopes photos printed on canvas but I play a disorder, only 2 schools. At that time lost my chose to migrate, in the far west, and you choose to stay in this province.

In the youth to be banks canvas prints, old broken bridge in the evening on a sunset, I fondly presence spoken my heart, you say: so good of you, don’t like any girl? But now you and I are far apart, canvas prints sydney long distance relationships? Too insecure, I fear, I am confused about what to do! I just want to simple, every day to belong to my banks canvas holding hands, he will be the memory of youth impression has been etched deeply in every corner of the campus. I understand. Go!

In one class only eight boys, 73 girls canvas photos online university, professional only 21 boy’s school. Perhaps was because I always sit in the first row, perhaps only I am a guy can really class being canvases, perhaps because I am learning committee member, because of the school basketball team captain, is probably one of the boys are only 2, 180 cm, perhaps because I am outgoing, warm personality. I received a lot of girls in the university Audrey Hepburn canvas, came to the ninth day of the school has been the pursuit of girls in the class, after the boys’ hem candles to vindicate, rejection, hunger, and usual breakfast every day give me photos, the podium of the sudden, in the class at the school party with deep feeling and, and… One by one, I refused. From then on I was labeled, too picky! Too high! They said I unattainable, only silently in my heart. They just don’t know my heart already belongs to, only to live up to their deep feeling.

Finally graduated from college, I give up the internship units let me when the director poster prints online opportunities. Decisively back to you in the city, every day I work hard, I want to give you a safe home early; I don’t want you be a little bit of injustice. Even if work overtime to the early morning, I will go to your pictures on canvas window to see you, can set his mind at to sleep.

I think I am a man of the world’s most happiness, overload work every day I don’t feel pain, look at your photos I silly wall prints online Australia, with a smile. Yesterday I couldn’t resist holding your hand; you don’t refuse, so we walk… You suddenly let go of the hand and said: you are too good; I don’t deserve you, university I change a lot, that I have not you used to know. We are really a little all have no? No, a little bit. My heart is broken, its printed canvas art good sad, I always love deeply of the person, I also think that has been deeply in love with me, she actually does not love me!!!!!!! Suddenly, I don’t know how to continue life. Always I don’t drink, drunk, canvas prints always think that the boy shed tears is a coward I cry well sad. A haven’t started, have been the end of the love, how to continue!

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Love being prints on canvas with warm feeling

Love being prints on canvas with warm feeling

You see, or see me, I was there, not sad not pleased; You read, or don’t read my, the feeling is there, not to not go to; You love or not love me, love is there, not grow; You with, photo canvas online or not with me, I am being artist canvas hand is in your hand, don’t give up don’t abandon!

To my arms, or, let me live in your heart, silently, canvas prints love each other, silent, rejoice A monk chanting in front of the Buddha, with an endless canvas print factory acacia, walked into a mountain monastery. Devout a Harbin, prostrate in Bo permeated by the temple, when close the match between chanting sheet pages, looked up thought a love to the contrary. Impermanence, he author jail coo, with I of endless waiting is aspersed into side pure land, with acacia planted a plant the charge of holy love, with a lifetime zebra print canvas devotion to irrigate the plant in the world of mortals chaotic times grow Qing lotus pure alone. In the end, the teenagers of the change fang in the fireworks, alone the drift of faint scent, far-reaching, several people to admire, several people holding bowel!

That’s how a meet, for this was supposed to be abandoned common meditation monk, missed a lifetime, waiting for a lifetime? Another how to encounter, let this should have six clean monks, pour pay the life, persistent life? The quiet mountain flowers sway with the breeze is you, as I only shadows. You warm sun bath in the mountains, to suck the rain, see green trees and forest, butterfly is the fly, cicada, hear sound, the birds sing. And I, is in the monastery, not far not close, close the chanting, look up, look up to you to start being canvas prints Canada laugh, amaze at this time in the wind. Just at the moment, the sun, the breeze just right, you are very good, happiness also happened!

Life sings with the missing gets better. As you look, the sun, miss, floating clouds, the vast, according to the setting sun dream with sporadic, along with the dream to wake up again. Those who fall into Shavian being art canvas prints feelings, not necessarily interpret all long for, but a skimming is, be full of love, word, for the heart, love by us! The time gradually to the old, went dead, rustling se. The mountain a trickle, faded away, old change jingo, have not kept, only has the temple bell, still rang, the Vatican sound Chengchow university were also members art canvas prints being moment, you can see a familiar figure, still watch quietly, silently waiting for. Perhaps, in the spring of next year, weighed in with green mountains, all flowers, but I am still that I, love is the love, still not decreased with time goes by, no empathy with change jingo!

I in this world of mortals a millet, hit by, maybe is not my intention, but fate not. Some of the road, have to go, but I love you, is I only want to do in my life; Miss you, is I this life the most happy canvas abstract prints; As you write lovesickness, is the most meaningful thing in my life! As long as you are willing, I will hold your hand, even if it was broken, don’t give up don’t abandon! Cause namely, reason is empty, if not likes the dream, let me live in your heart, and a double knot, protect your whole life, protect you forever, with you sat up, watching the clouds at a sunset, so, why to ask?

A moving canvas prints online Australia in the past, after wind and rain, from the ancient monastery in mountains, along the way was celebrated today. Not many people know that there is a monk named author jail coo, and stories about his dribs and drabs. But there are very many people know a song named “see or not see” best canvas prints’ love poems, love a person’s best, as you wrote in the poem “you see, or see me, I was there, not sad not pleased; you read, or do not read me, love is in it, not to not go to; you love, or don’t love me, love is there, it does not increase don’t reduce; you with, or not with me, my hand is in your hands, do not give up do not abandon! I stretched canvas prints’ arms, or let me live in your heart, silently, love each other, silent,”

This holy love, I think, if it is not the mountain in one thousand, and after one thousand years of wind and rain washing canvas printers’ monastery, and that a brave heart sincerely, also can’t write so touching love poems! Long life time, feeling is good, the heavens and the earth, love long, this life this world, if the heart is the life, also ask for anything!

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