Children photography focus skill for Beginners

Children photography focus skill for Beginners
Cantonese words of eyehole, photo on canvas called “wet water lam nuclear, two head pumping”, just describe children, running here and there always stop, even if has is to use SLR camera dynamic children, generally the novice parents have the opportunity to meet the following conditions:
1) Set the autofocus, why automatically to focus on the background and not what I have in mind the child?
2) I want to take the children running around in the park, why camera now follows what I mean to go chasing the children focus?

How to increase the success rate? How to use the SLR camera in your hand?
Let’s go! “Focus” of the subject, the author to share experience, hopes to be able to make quick learning, canvas prints help your children or friends immediately taken a series of actions all appropriate Photo Book album! ^ ^

Now the camera’s focusing system

Different camera brands have their own production of the AF system, as long as we know the focus concept, and can be easily applied.
Before choosing the correct mode to decide whether to take pictures is static or dynamic, focus on selected is fully automatic, single point, multi-point, 3 d, and so on
List two brand focus mode:

Practical demonstration (Nikon and Canon in order/advanced DSLR applicable)

If the body inside can be chosen to focus, can make composition first, then to “multiple selector” will focus on the subject’s eyes.
Set the steps:

N: 1) switching mode to AF – S – C: switching mode to ONE SHOT
2) N: the switch to a single point of AF (AF mode button) C: switch to a single point of AF (dial) according to the AF. DRIVE and instructions
3) N: turn the Lord & voice command dial, select AFS switch to the “single point” C: according to the Focus Select (red circle), then the M – FN to a single point of AF
4) C & N: multiple selectors, will be to focus on the main body of the eye
(5) C & N shutter, confirm the press shutter is all finished

Beginners will learn children taken focus skill

Example 2 (subject to focus)

If the body can be chosen to focus (see figure 1), the first principal direction of the focus on training to you recently, about the recent focus on the first fixed and half press the shutter focus lock, and the composition again (see figure 2)
Note: don’t be too big, in case the focus distance have big changes

Set the steps:

(Nikon: assumption is AF – S and single point of focus mode, Canon: assumption is ONE SHOT and a single point of focus mode)
1) Using multiple selectors will focus on training in recent subject to focus;
2) To focus first fixed and half press the shutter focus lock;
(3) On the composition to maintain half press the shutter, wary of focus here although will follow your composition and deviated from what you want to, but because maintain half press the shutter, actually focusing distance has not changed).
4) Confirm press shutter is all finished.

A little knowledge: focus after first focus after the composition or composition?

Please refer to the below, to imagine A colleague flat film, camera distance with the subject (A/B) is different, this distance is called “focal plane distance”, if the subject focus, B focal plane distance of the main body is the blue line length, when you lock focus composition (A) to cover the subject, the actual distance becomes pink instead of black line length, the main body of A imaging will become blurred.
By the above theory, understand the composition of a picture after AF first, may produce the shortcoming of blurred image, but the situation is easy to occur in large aperture, because the focus of a large aperture is very thin, easy to appear decoking.
If they are entry-level SLR, the focus is relatively small, the use of composition can be solved after focus first on focus can’t cover the main body, so, after the first focus after the composition or composition focus, there is no absolute good or bad absolutely, make an adjustment according to actual situation.

Dynamic shot

Set the steps:

N: 1) switching mode to AF – C – C: SERVO switch focus mode to AI
2) N: AF mode button, turn the vice principal command Dials C: according to the AF. The DRIVE button, rotate the command dials
3) N: turn the main and vice command dial, switch to the Auto/single point AF /
D9 D21 / D51 multipoint Focus (should be adjusted according to different situation) C: according to Focus the Select (red circle), then the M – FN to single point AF /
More focus (will be adjusted according to different situation)
4) C & N: if it is a single point pattern, will put to focus your mind on body composition, trap type focus
5) C & N: keep half a shutter, pay attention to slide viewer, waiting for your idea of a photo appear full shutter is complete

Little Tips

To improve the success rate of shooting, in addition to set the correct focus model, there are other cameras in Settings we must pay attention!
1) The shutter numerical enough the dynamic action of condensation, it is recommended to use shutter priority mode
2) Continuous shooting mode, have open continuous shooting mode of maximum e.g. 4/6 FPS
3) The aperture don’t drive too big, to keep enough tolerance to prevent decoding slightly
4) dynamic picture, it is recommended to use 70-200 – mm / 200-300 – mm zoom lens, can give ample space than kids walking around, and zoom lens generally faster than prime lens focus, high maneuverability.

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