To shoot beautiful baby photos

To shoot beautiful baby photos

Parents like to take pictures of their children, photo canvas online although the camera is very high degree of automation, ‘shoot clear’ is not difficult, but to look good not so easy, here to teach ten trick, master these tricks, who Can become a child photographer!

1, turn off the flash

In the process of taking pictures of the baby most likely to make mistakes is to use the flash, rather than natural light. Flash will make the object shot out very flat, so try not to use the flash when shooting, especially when shooting baby, because the baby shape is round and very soft, if the flash can not be good to catch the baby’s eyes and color Will not master well.
2. Select the appropriate natural light

Since you do not have flash, you need to use the other light to shoot a good photo. Initially, you can put the baby in the crib inside the baby pushed to the window, do not need a very strong direct incoming light, just from the side into the soft light on it.
3. Close to some

Amateur photographers are usually not too close to the photographic target. But the distance for the baby is very important, because their skin is almost perfect. Some of the new digital cameras, even the cheapest, also has a close focus function, the perfect face to the baby shot down.

4. Try to pat your baby’s ass
The best photographers will try to do everything to increase the chance to take good pictures. To make a lot of baby sleeping face, you can make him sleep more comfortable, increase the chance to shoot good pictures.

5. Do not be afraid to try new things

Nowadays, almost all of you use digital cameras in the home. They will not waste money because you have to take lots of photos, and you can try different angles. With the angle of view down shooting, using black and white effects, etc., all you can try. Breaking the routine, you will find different surprises.

6. Leave your baby all the time

Crying baby does not destroy the beauty of your photo album. In fact, giving them different expressions to Zhang close-up is also a good choice. Although the film does not feel interesting, but after you look back will certainly laugh.
7. Use your baby’s nap time

Although many parents will find newborn babies open the eyes of the moment is difficult to capture, but in fact the baby is sleeping is shooting a good object. Because the baby will not tamper with you when you sleep, and you can also know how to use the camera to take a good photo, it will help you later take the baby to open the eyes of the moment.

8. Try a black-and-white photo

Even if the photo is not black and white, you can also turn the camera or computer to black and white. Sometimes black and white photos are very classic, and may look better than the color, especially some newborn babies have jaundice or rash.

9. Secret weapon – key

If you try every means to let the child’s eyes look at the lens, you can come up with the key, the baby will at least look at the keys in your hand for a while, before the child lost interest, your photo shoot .
10. Let the camera become part of your life
Often bring the camera around, you can capture more baby’s natural lens. Now many parents will use the way to shoot short films, but professionals still think that photography is better. Because you can not always look back on those shorts, but you’ll be able to share them anytime

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