Collage canvas

Collage canvas

As usual, got up at first light, today is the day when back home. I wash up, go out to eat some breakfast, pick up to the car photos onto canvas water and snacks. Street in addition to some of the early native few pedestrians, many shops are closed, a feeling of empty city, cheap canvas prints sydney it seems that I go back to print to canvas time is a little late. After buying things, very not easy to find a noodle shop in Chongqing and ate a bowl of beef noodles in soup home packing.

Use for more than an hour, about baggage ready, distance at eleven o ‘clock start time and two hours, I moved down the switch, lock the door quickly. Subway station usual photos not much people, photo canvas online soon to buy tickets get on the bus. After chang duty station transfer to line 2 only after a station, stop at jiangtai road station. The steward tell us please wait for the next bus. When the bus went before the same route didn’t park the car! We had a car, with a puzzled look at an empty artist canvas subway from her eyes, speed past impatient canvas artwork Australia look on everyone’s face exposed. Just wait for the time is not too long, the next bus will come soon, this time a little crowded, standing after two Station Road to the bus terminal.

Go home in the bus is crowded with the print artwork, took the ticket on the automatically collect the tickets into the waiting hall, many people looked at the big screen anxious waiting, I take trains and more than half an hour check-in, but going home photography prices are nasty such as laws, at this time of waiting is a long photo prints to Australia. So in tencent browsing let all kinds of hot news to balance inner anxiety.

Finally wait to check-in time, I got up my baggage goes to the wicket, corresponding to the location of the car is parked in the ticket barrier. Conductor off ticket canvas & in one corner of the canvas, I put your luggage on the bus is just below. Sitting in the car, I’m just slow breath, heart calm down. I have always been afraid of the car.

At eleven o ‘clock has just arrived, the car is started. Looked at car window personalised canvas prints Australia fast-flushers flow green, to my mind back to half a month ago.When I first got into the twelfth month, due to the time when this year, a lot of people go home early. Suddenly got a call from the home, mother on the phone asked me when I’m back, tone with eager canvases for sale. Mother advised me that I must go back to New Year’s Day on the phone, said that a person is eat outside. Turned out to be a few days ago I called back, the mother is not at home, the elder brother answered the phone, I said don’t want to go back, originally just about canvas on canvas, but by his mother. Hung up the phone, I feel deep remorse, shouldn’t have said that. This added how much concern to mother!

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, that is to say working outside photo printers’ people should go home. Home is probably the most common, but must be the warmest. Don’t cry because it is not save much money, don’t want to go home, come home, whether you are rich or empty-handed garment Jin nocturnal, please bring a good mood to go home. ! At home looking forward to the wall art canvas prints’ relatives they want is just our peace and health. Can be the home of peace and every year they have a family reunion dinner, in the family for a period of time, is their biggest photography wall art.

The car continue to drive, it knows that headed for the distance, the southern warm art prints on canvas breathe left behind. In a short time after Pearl River Bridge, I saw the highest tower has been hailed as a domestic “small pretty waist” gradually falls back. Looking at the distant home photo canvas UK direction, canvas prints perth, do not feel lonely in a person’s journey, but full of joy.

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