Learning to the landscape photography

Learning to landscape photography

Shoot good scenery, really just a temporary fortune? In fact, photo canvas online more than that, I want to play earlier than others, in order to meet the morning dawn quiet; have enough patience to wait to see the sunset with clouds play. Grasp the opportunity is an important factor in landscape photography, and want to make the picture even better, you can take advantage of the prospects to increase the sense of space of the screen, or a composition from start to find rhythm of the screen, and even reflected in the water, canvas prints can become landscape photography creative elements. We are all summed up 10 good scenery shoot tips, love making scene friends do not miss.

First, capture the twilight hours of the most beautiful light
Charming light, delicate gradation and brilliant color landscape photography is life. Prime-time landscape photography is around sunrise and sunset, so patience is a required course for landscape photography. In such a shooting period, the lower color temperature of light, shade and color changes very fast, able to bring to the screen the different lighting effects, inspired photographers to shoot more expressive photos.
Some photographers to capture a moment of brilliant light and clouds the sky the moment,. The shooting to wait a few days. Whether shooting mountains, lakes, or the ocean, wilderness, twilight hours of carefree use, can shoot soft and delicate, three-dimensional sense of strong, rich tone photographs.
Note that, in this period is prone shooting overexposure problem, so remember to carefully select the metering point accurate metering. Also, try using a fluorescent white balance or shooting in RAW format. They are often able to bring you some surprises.

Second, the clouds enhance the screen effect
Clouds are a beautiful photo frame to enhance the effect of a good helper. Babylon scenery will look fresh and shine bright; rays of splendor will make the picture becomes glorious and moving; low, thick clouds, but people behind the scenes story of the mysterious reverie. Select glamorous weather and time of day, to capture the most beautiful clouds in the form of ever-changing, often can play a balanced picture and strengthen the role of momentum.

Third, repeat lines rhythm and rhyme
Landscape photography, focusing on beauty of form, so special attention to lines of the design and use. Repetitive lines are landscape photography attractive theme that they can bring to the screen the rhythm and rhythm.
Fourth, to expand the expressive power reflection
Reflection can bring interesting visual pleasure for the picture when shooting in the quiet lake, the dramatic reflection incorporates images, in a quiet, sedate among extend the screen, repeat can effectively expand the expressive range and expressive. Enable reference line feature, you can better grasp the horizontal line of symmetry.

Fifth, to enhance the sense of space utilization prospects
Outlook is an important element in landscape photography cannot be ignored. When shooting Do not focus entirely on the body you want performance, you should carefully observe the surrounding environment, finding the right prospects to increase the sense of space and depth picture to make the picture richer appeal.

Six, panoramic photos showing the magnificent scenery
Many times, the scene in front very charming, even with a wide angle lens cannot be fully integrated into the screen. At this time, the panorama is magnificent scenery to show applicable means.
Panoramic picture to make sure that the same three: shooting position fixed; fixed focal length lens; fixed combination of aperture and shutter. At the same time, keep the camera level, in order to catch the viewpoint consistent exposure consistent set of photos. To stitch them together, they can produce spectacular panoramic works.

Seven new visual experience slow shutter
Whether shooting streams, waterfalls, or the night of the traffic, use a slow shutter speed of 1/4 seconds or less often bring with it new visual experience. Enabling extended exposure can reduce the noise to get a better picture quality.

Eight, pay attention to the big scene scenery blank
When the performance of a large scene of vast scenery, enough to pay attention to the screen left ‘blank’ to avoid too extensive screen, this space is often a ‘blank’ to see such works will always make people feel relaxed and happy.

Nine, focusing on the role of guide lines
Unique shape and contour lines easily draw the attention of the audience. In landscape photography, look for and find the line is very prominent, it can guide the audience’s attention, so that the body is more prominent, more beautiful shape.

Ten, select the appropriate camera angle
Select the appropriate camera angle according to the theme and effect. It is the key to shooting good works. It is a plan view of the painting using camera angles, complete with a small aperture to show layering from all screens to close-range vision, the performance of the screen, depth.

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