Phone photography tips how to compose well

Phone photography tips how to compose well

Photography is inseparable from the composition, which is as important as writing articles cannot do without tricks, is not an option, it is the key to the success of the work.
Photography composition and painting composition has its similarities, some can learn from each other, but cannot completely replace, each art form has its unique laws and principles, which cannot be violated, engaged in artistic activities people, only skilled in the arts when he was engaged to master the law cannot dash in creative practice ‘transgressing.’
Here, it illustrated thirteen kinds of photography composition techniques, with a look!
Step / methods
1, a balanced composition
Give people satisfy feeling, picture perfect, clever arrangements, and the corresponding equilibrium. In the moonlight, water, night, news theme. Widely used in the moonlit night, water, night, news and other topics.
2, symmetrical composition
It is under a balanced, stable and relatively characteristics. Disadvantages: stiff, lack of change. Commonly used in objects, construction, and special performance style symmetrical objects.
3, changes in the composition of formula
Scene deliberately arranged in a corner or a side, to give people think and imagine, and leave room for further judgment. It is full of flavor and taste. Commonly used in landscape little scene, sports, art photography, humorous photos.

4, diagonal composition
The main body arranged on a diagonal line, the effective use of the screen diagonal length, but it will also accompany the body is directly related with subjects. Full of dynamic, looked lively, easy to produce convergence trend lines, appealing sight, to highlight the main effect (eg spotlight body).
5, X-shaped composition
Lines, tone according to the X-shaped layout, a strong sense of perspective, are conducive to the people’s attention from the four weeks towards the center, or from the center to the surrounding landscape have gradually zoom features. It is commonly used in construction, bridges, roads, fields and other topics.
6, compact composition
The scene in the form of close-up body is enlarged to full screen to locally, with compact, delicate, microscopic characteristics. Commonly used in portraits, microscopic photography, performance, or local details. To portray a person’s face can often achieve vivid situation, memorable.
7, triangular composition
Three visual centers for the main location of the scene, and sometimes with three points into a side of the geometry of the location of the scene form a stable triangle. This triangle can be equilateral triangle, it may be oblique triangle or inverted triangle. Oblique triangle is more commonly used, but also more flexible. Triangle composition with stability, balance, flexibility and so on.
8, S-type composition
The scene on the screen S-shaped curve in the form of composition, with prolonged change the characteristics of people appear to have a sense of rhythm, resulting in a beautiful, elegant, harmonious atmosphere. When you need to use the performance curves form the subject, we should first think of using S-shaped composition. Commonly used in rivers, streams, winding paths, trails and the like.

9, squared composition
The scene on the location of your subject or important ‘squares’ on the intersection. Four intersections ‘well’ is the best thing position of the body. Generally considered the top right of the intersection of the most desirable, followed by the intersection of the bottom right. But it is not static. This composition is more in line with people’s visual format habits, so that the body naturally becomes the visual center, with the main highlight, and more balanced picture of the characteristics.

10, sketch composition formula
Close-by other means, and in accordance with the original thought is not surprising that little scene becomes full of fun a patterned way Yuyishenke humor picture. Imagine having free, eclectic features.
11, centripetal composition
Body is in a central location, while her surrounding showed toward the center of the composition in the form of centralized, highly capable people’s attention toward the center of the body and play a role in aggregation. Distinctive features outstanding body, but sometimes also the center of oppression, heavy feeling cramped.
12, vertical composition
Tall and can fully reveal the depth of the scene. Widely used in the performance of forest trees Zheng-rong towering trees, steep rocks, plunging waterfalls, skyscrapers, and other screen linear vertical composition.

13, on the fractional composition
On the next screen or the left and right into the ratio 2: 1 in two parts, formed up and down or left and right echo, the performance space is relatively broad. Which is the principal part of the screen, the other half is to accompany the body. It is commonly used in the performance figures, sports, landscape, architecture and other subjects.

These are the thirteen kinds of photographic composition skills illustrations, we understand it?

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