The beautiful and mysterious canvas making

The beautiful and mysterious canvas making

Tour bus carrying us, across the vast turning photos into canvas gobi desert, window that stretches of mountains, the mountains around the rise of cloud and mist, boundless grassland and revealing the little yurt, canvas prints sydney this to the prairie of kazak herdsmen in them with horses sheep photos on canvas reviews clever figure with the picture. Bus tirelessly gallops in the desert highway, the road of low sunflower a smiling face, seems to be smiling, distant visitors into flocculant vomit a white wall canvas photo cotton, in the near future it will become a pure white hada, gorgeous dress, will be accompanied by dance to guests from far away… . Xinjiang is too big, bus after 10 hours run nearly 1000 km gallery wrap canvas, kanas flashing signs of vision, suddenly boiling in the car; it ignited our hope of kanas… Finally, we came to this beautiful and distant a canvass, kanas printing place.

Kanas scenic spot is a national geological park, the scenic area door is the spire of the cartoon characters of architecture, enter the door and change to the scenic spot of the tour bus to move on. Blue sky outside the window tesco canvas prints will seem a little transparent particularly white fluffy clouds foil, photo canvas online various. Pass in view of the mountains, tall birches, although these birches after one hundred years vicissitudes of life, but still maintained a handsome and young girl slim straight posture. Western expedition passed here legend, genghis khan, one of the soldiers fell in love with the beauty of the shepherdess, two people agreed to whoever birch forest and the birches photos printed on acrylic glass engraved on the trunk, one eye girl day grazing always engraved on one eye, soldiers in everywhere in birch trees carved deep eyes, Mongol armies conquered the world, eyes also is full of white birch, unfortunately the soldiers have been killed in a battle, dying to read the girl canvas wrapped photo name, eyes shed tears, the girl, tears streaming down her face, with miss that hits the eyes of white birch juice of April every year will shed tears, seems to be affectionately telling a touching love story.

Bus stop in a swamp place, from the wooden fence overlooking down, clear gallery wrapped canvas photos with living light spot of the kanas river, forming a shallow here, on the shore of meadow to the surface, in late autumn at the water’s edge of green Lin no photo montage canvas has yellow cloak, as they reflect the golden sunshine, the autumn wind shake Yi the branches and leaves, shining, the sun here seems to be a huge edge green plate, plate with a dazzling pearl… Such a wonderland where attracts the fairy small photo canvas attachment, here is called – fairy bay.

A reporter with car short carried a small box a gray shade cloth covering her face with only two eyes, at first glance, as if is an alien, I watched curiously as he opened the box, turned out to be a aerial, he carefully took out the small white plane, on the shore, remote control it fly in the sky, kanas fairy bay to aerial photo canvas next day delivery.

Blue kanas lake, slowly flowing in the mountains winding become curved stuttered, feminine lines made here kanas beautiful scenery, I think perhaps is lonely days palaces chang e throw confetti of playing on the earth formed tenderness printing on canvas at home – its crescent.

Lake garden in ancient trees near the river, under the blue sky white clouds reflect a huge dinosaur as if floating up from the water, from ancient up to now seems to be waiting to see the world, also seems to keep guard on this — – lie longwan, I think it is the magic brush cheapest canvas printing masterpiece!

Take the bus left the mythological and beautiful bay go on to reach the broad kanas lake, kanas is Mongolian means “the beautiful and rich and mysterious lake, the lake under the awning and clouds reflect, changes with different colour, pure water as’ god next canvas prints palette. Late autumn season the water dry reed, brown reed rod shaking in the wind Yi, reed flowers dancing, yellowing in the clusters of green aquatic plants with the water of the pebble and the dumping of skew trees, in conjunction with the reflection in the water the outline into a light ecological ink painting. We walked along the road line cruise. 5 white canvas prints cruise light yan to plow away the water, the stern, dragging a long hose, spray dancing at the window outside looking outward from the porthole, flashing the shore pass in view the top of the mountain a small pavilion, it’s called fish pavilion, legend has it that in this beautiful quiet live more than ten meters long big red fish in the lake, there have been seen in the lake inkjet canvas monster ate the shore of cattle and sheep, but who also can’t take out the real photos and physical evidence… , these legends and guess to kanas lake on the mysterious color, attracted numerous scholars and visitors came to the lake, looking forward to get results from view YuTai outlook, deciphering the mystery. I quietly looked at the blue triptych canvas lake, the water of the jungle, the reflect of overlapping mountains, the emptiness really a bit suffocating feeling of yi jing, who also don’t want to disturb the tranquility of the picture… .

Lake has a few gorgeous colour cartoons spire house is located in the large colorful meadow, much a few minutes of tong qu, more beautiful….

The sun quietly close to the surface of the water on canvas brightness, spilled the profusion of diffused to the lake, in the autumn wind chill let me put on the coat, sitting on the bus leave, immersed in the beautiful in the mirror I attachment to look back at the sunset in the beautiful and mysterious kanas, it faded away from us…

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