Total eclipse shooting Raiders

Total eclipse shooting Raiders

Causes of eclipse

The direction of the Earth away from the sun’s shadow will appear, canvas prints called earth shadow.

Movies to sub umbra and penumbra. Umbra zone refers to the area not subject to direct sunlight, but only by the penumbra part of the direct sunlight. Moon is orbiting the earth. The process can sometimes enter the earth shadow, which creates a lunar eclipse.

When the Moon enters umbra are whole, photos on canvas total lunar eclipse will occur; but if only a part into the umbra, the partial lunar eclipse will occur. Total eclipse and partial lunar eclipse is an eclipse umbra.

When the total eclipses, the moon is not completely invisible, which is due to sunlight through the atmosphere, being refracted into the umbra, projected onto the lunar surface, so that month leaving it red copper. Depending on the path through the umbra of the Moon and the Earth’s atmosphere at that time, the luminosity of different total eclipse will be different.

Sometimes the moon will not enter into the umbra and penumbra only. This is called a penumbral eclipse. During the penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the moon will be slightly dimmer, to carefully watch was aware.
Food Production Process
Penumbral eclipse of the moon just beginning and penumbra that moment, a slight reduction on the lunar surface brightness, but to the naked eye is sometimes difficult to detect.
Early losses (month and only total lunar eclipse partial eclipse) from the eastern edge of the Moon enter earth shadow of the moment, the Moon and the Earth’s umbra first cut.
Both food (only total lunar eclipse) the full moon enters the Earth’s umbra of the moment, and the umbra within the first cut.
Full moon eclipses Earth umbra center of the surface and the center of the nearest instantaneous. This time around the surface of the moon was red or dark red copper (a total eclipse).
Green light (total eclipse only) soon began to leave the Earth’s umbra of the moment, and with the second cut inside the Earth’s umbra.
Umbra (month and only total lunar eclipse partial eclipse) lunar umbra completely leave the Earth, and the Earth umbra second cut.
Moon leaves penumbra penumbral lunar leave. The official end of the whole process of the eclipse, but to the naked eye is difficult to detect.

* Secondary eclipse is to ‘bring the food out. ‘
It means eclipse early losses occur before moonrise, the moon rose over the eastern zone before entering the Earth’s umbra. (The following information refers to the Hong Kong Observatory)

Early losses 6:15 pm

Below the horizon, unobservable

Moonrise 6:34 pm

Fresh out of the band (direction) East (azimuth) 96 degrees (elevation) -1 degree

Eat only 7:54 pm

(Direction) East (azimuth) 104 degrees (elevation) 17 degrees

Eclipse 8:00 pm

(Direction) East (azimuth) 104 degrees (elevation) 18 degrees

Green light 8:06 pm

(Direction) East (azimuth) 105 degrees (elevation) 20 degrees

Umbra 9:45 pm

(Direction) East (azimuth) of 120 degrees (elevation) 40 degrees

Shooting tips:
People Sheyue play: enlarged photographic method, the phone can be Movies to craters on the Moon.

Most people think you always want to shoot the moon’s surface, to drive the use of expensive equipment, in fact, one hundred dollars of binoculars with you have a shade feature phones can do.

Method zoom photography: Shooting looking afar in the enlarged image on the eyepiece, although the brightness and quality due to multiple lens refraction decreases, but the image can be enlarged many times to shoot, and the price is very close to the people.

Wide Interval Shooting:
In time-lapse recording mode, the camera fixed on a tripod, then 24 ~ 35mm focal length lenses, wide angle shot total eclipse process.

If you want food drive easily eclipses the effect of interval shooting, shutter interval can be purchased to help shoot, the market out of many different types, but the best selection of some of the traditional design Hold the better it would be more flexible.

Take a recommendation every 5 seconds, and finally from the photos, taking photos at different times, in order to deal with star trails consistent approach to Startrails (PC) / StarstaX (Mac) as laminated.

Closeup Shooting:
Recommend 400mm or more but not more than 1800mm (Refer to the section after ‘shooting focal length scale drawing’), capable of close-up detail on the moon’s performance, coupled with a moment of total eclipse red moon, very precious.

But pay attention when the Moon umbra into this area, the luminosity will be very bleak, it is necessary to increase the ISO to increase shutter speed, if you want the best without a clear and less than 1 / 250s and you want a solid tripod and head.


Make good use of the original size of the optical element, so that the focal length multiplier, FF machine although the high quality, but for the ultra long-range shooting, with the same lens, falls on APS-C / M4 / 3 system can be more handy, greater image .

APS-C x 1.5 (500mm x1.5 = 750mm)

M4 / 3 x2 (500mm x 1.5 = 1000mm)

* Note that due to changes in brightness eclipse, very influenced by the quality of the atmosphere, it is now time to adjust the exposure, failed to provide exposure data, it is recommended to ISO400 basis, adjusting the aperture and shutter accommodating.

Whole Foods Cheng record:
Moon passes through the Earth’s umbra, luminosity different positions have changed, and by entering the umbra leave important moment when, must be a good record.

As you choose to record the entire eclipse close-up process, after shooting can use some graphic design software, each arranged in a recording made a valuable record of the entire eclipse.

Intimate Tips: Shooting focal length scale drawing
How long focal length is enough to shoot the moon does? I propose To Movies close-up, but with no trace of the equatorial astronomy. 1000 ~ 1500mm focal lengths are best taken months.

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